May 19 & 20, 2018 at the Chief Joseph Alcide Pierite Pow Wow Grounds
at Paragon Casino Resort on the Tunica-Biloxi Reservation, Marksville, Louisiana
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T u n i c a - B i l o x i   T r i b e   o f   L o u i s i a n a

Tunica-Biloxi Pow Wow Committee
711 Paragon Place, Marksville, LA 71351 ~

To apply for a Food or Craft Vendor space at the Tunica-Biloxi Pow Wow, May 20 - 21 2017, the enclosed application must
be completed and returned.  Each application will be reviewed on their individual merits in the order they are received. This
application does not constitute an agreement or promise to accept you as a vendor at our event.  Applications must be
received as soon as possible to allow sufficient time for fair consideration. We will start calling vendors to fill spots starting
March 29th.   

Vendor questions should be referred to Ryan Lopez at (318)253-1923.

1.   Products to be sold must be Native American made or Native American related and must show our “First People” only in
a positive manner. The Committee prior to opening (e.g. no toy weapons allowed) must approve any manufactured products
with a Native American theme.  The vendor must guarantee quality and authenticity.  Committee decisions are final.

2.  Vendor's fee will be $150 per booth for crafts or $275 for food.  Each vendor will be allocated up to a maximum of Twelve
Feet (front) by Ten Feet (deep) (12' X 10'), to include all displays and tie downs.  Food vendors cannot sell soda beverages
unless approved by the Committee.  Food vendors may only sell the following beverages: lemonade, flavored snow cones,
coffee, or tea.

3. After the Committee reviews all available applications, booth spaces will be offered to select vendors.

4.  Please provide photographs of your booth set-up and crafts.

5. Vendors will be selected based on the information provided in this application and agreements will be forwarded.   Please
provide the following information:

Name of vendor __________________________________________________________

Business Name ___________________________________________________________


City/ State/ Zip code ______________________________________________________

Telephone ________________________Tribal Affiliation ________________________________

What are your minimum booth size and power requirements? ______________________


Camping Trailer or RV Size _________________________________________________

Types of items to be sold____________________________________________________                                                           
(Quill work, Beadwork, Hand Crafts, Food items, etc.)  
Send Application to:        TUNICA-BILOXI POW WOW COMMITTEE
             Attn:  Ryan Lopez
             711 Paragon Place
             Marksville, LA 71351
             Phone:   (318) 240-6433
PDF of vendor application here
Darrian Pierite
800-272-9767, ext. 6468