May 19 & 20, 2018 at the Chief Joseph Alcide Pierite Pow Wow Grounds
at Paragon Casino Resort on the Tunica-Biloxi Reservation, Marksville, Louisiana
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No Alcohol or Drugs Allowed on Pow Wow Grounds
Pow Wow Etiquette
harley's 16 Powwow Rules
by Charles Phillip Whitedog
reprinted with permission

Powwow general rules for first timers.
It should be noted that every POWWOW is different so the first rule is the most important.
The key is respect, and many "first timers" don't have access to the life-long teachings that
we take for granted. Here is the "Charley's 16 rules", hope you enjoy.
The following are general rules I give to follow when going to a POWWOW.
Listen to the Master of Ceremonies.
Do not sit within the arena. The chairs inside the arena are reserved for the dancers. Use
the outside circle or bleachers if provided.
If you want to take pictures, check with the POWWOW host first, then check with the
person you are taking pictures of and ASK THEIR PERMISSION. Under no circumstances
may you enter the arena to take photos. Put your camera down for all memorial dances.
All tape recording must be done with the permission of the Master of Ceremonies and the
Lead (or Head) Singer of EACH drum. When a new drum starts, do not enter the arena to
get to the other drum. Don't run. Miss the song and wait for the next one to take your time
getting to the drum. Nothing is more rude than "Recorder-runners" ganging around a drum.
Many Powwow disallow this anyway (fine by me!).
If you are not wearing traditional Regalia, you may dance only on social songs (like
Two-Step, Blanket Dance, Honoring Songs, Circle, etc..)
Sometimes a blanket dance is held to gather money. You may enter the circle to donate.
Only those with the permission of the Lead Singer may sit at a drum. (And it's a good
idea to know the songs because it's often a habit to ask the "stranger" to lead one.)
Stand and men must remove their hat (unless traditional head gear) during the Grand
Entry, Flag Songs, Invocation, Memorial, Veterans Songs, and the Closing Song.
During the Gourd Dancing, only Gourd Dancers and Gourd Dance Societies are
to enter the Dance arena. Owning a gourd rattle does not make one a Gourd Dancer.
Check with the local Societies.
Please do not permit your children to enter the dance circle unless they are dancing.
Do not touch anyones dance Regalia without their permission. These clothes are not
"costumes" and yes we use modern things like safety pins and such because we are a
"living" culture, our Regalia is subject to change. Leave your stereotypes at home. (Yes
there are some blond tribal enrolled Indians... no ones fault that life goes on!)
If you are asked to dance by an elder, do so. It is rude and disrespectful to say, "I don't
know how." How can you learn if you turn the elders down?
Most all Powwows do not allow Alcoholic beverages, Gold Paint cans, or drugs here.
The Powwow is a time of joyful gathering and celebration of life. Alcohol and drugs are
destroying our way of life and these "bad" spirits are not welcome.
It's funny how much trash we as people drop. Make an extra effort to walk to the
trash can. Respect Mother Earth.
Remember always: Native American Indian dances are more than the word "dance"
can describe. They are a ceremony and a prayer which all life encompasses and produce
many emotional and spiritual reactions. Some dances are old, some are brand new... the
culture continues to live and evolve.
Urban Powwows are much more "tense" than Powwows on the rez. As people are away
from the comfort of culture, they tend to take things more seriously. Abide by peoples
wishes and requests. We as Indian people believe differently. Some dance around
clock-wise, others counter clock-wise. If our host asks, we sometimes voluntarily show
our respect by temporarily changing our way(s). Show your respect by doing the same.
Have fun. Buy something from the vendors. Donate if you can. And most of all don't be
so uptight and relax. The whole universe comes together this day to celebrate. You are
invited to join in.
Please remember, these are general rules when there is no other ground work
to proceed from. Hope this helps.
Charles Phillip Whitedog
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