May 16-18, 2014 at the Chief Joseph Alcide Pierite Pow Wow Grounds
on the Tunica-Biloxi Reservation, Marksville, Louisiana
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2013 Schedule
T u n i c a - B i l o x i   T r i b e   o f   L o u i s i a n a
Chief Joseph “Alcide” Pierite Pow Wow Grounds
Tunica-Biloxi Reservation
Marksville, Louisiana

May 16 – 18, 2014

Schedule of Events

Friday, May 16                6:30 – 7:15 pm        
Hawk Henries concert (Nipmuc Flutist)
7:30-9:30pm         Grand Entry

(Procession of Dancers in full regalia)
Social Dancing

8:30pm        Committee’s Special Dance Contest
       3 Categories selected randomly after Grand Entry
Saturday, May 17                10:00am          

     Tunica-Biloxi Singers & Legend Keepers (Storytelling & Songs)

  Pura Fé concert (Singer & Songwriter)                                    
Gourd Dancing (Warrior Dance)
        1 - 4pm               

Grand Entry; Social Dancing

Dance & Drum Competition
       5:30pm                Hawk Henries concert (Nipmuc Flutist)
       6:15pm                Pura Fé concert (Singer & Songwriter)        
       7:30pm                Grand Entry, Social Dancing, & Competition  
Sunday, May 18                10:00am                Tunica-Biloxi Singers &
Legend Keepers (Storytelling & Songs)
                       10:30am                Gourd Dancing
                       12:00pm                Grand Entry; Social Dancing;
Competition Finals
Dance & Drum Contest Awards
Tunica-Biloxi Pow Wow Committee
John Barbry, Chairman        

Debbie Johnson              Connie Normand          Sharon Lopez
Lena Ballard                 
   Sharon Reed                 Patricia Nicholas        
Joe Barbry
                     Raymond Bertalotto               
Robbie Johnson              Brenda Lintinger        Kayla Johnson        


The Pow Wow Committee would like to thank Chairman Marshall
Pierite, the Tunica-Biloxi Council and tribal members, Aimee Barbry,
the Polchies Family, Richella Malveaux, Mary Barbry, Marie Warren,
Brette Wiley, Penny St. Romain, Mark Jeffers, Wilson Desoto  & Mari
Staff, Harold Pierite, Sr. & the Tunica-Biloxi Police Department, the
Associates of Paragon Casino Resort, Pepsi-Cola and all our
sponsors for the help and support in putting on this event.
ADMISSION: Gen. Admission - $5;
Children (5 yrs & Younger) - $2;

(Registered DRUMS &
DANCERS in regalia
and Paragon Associates w/ badges
PARKING: There will be parking at
Paragon Casino Resort and limited
parking on the Reservation.
A shuttle will be running from the
main entrance of the casino to the
pow wow grounds.