May 19 & 20, 2018 at the Chief Joseph Alcide Pierite Pow Wow Grounds
at Paragon Casino Resort on the Tunica-Biloxi Reservation, Marksville, Louisiana
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All drums (singers) must abide by the following rules:
1.Point System is in effect as of the 1st Grand Entry on Saturday.
2.Each drum shall have no less than five (5) singers.
3.When completing drum registration form, all lady backup singers
must register also.
4.Drum area must be clean at all times.
5.Drum number must be prominently displayed at all times.
6.If any singer is suspected to be under the influence of drugs or
alcohol, his drum group will be disqualified.  No exceptions!
7.There must be at least three (3) singers at drum during drum roll
8.Drums will be judged on Intertribal and Contest songs.
9.There will be no drum hopping.  (This includes lady singers).
10.Drum group must sing appropriate songs while being judged
during drum contest.
11. It is the drum’s (singer’s) responsibility (if related to a
judge) to ask the judge to  
disqualify themselves.
12. By participating, the Drums (singers) grant the Committee
permission to use their
name and/or likeness for promotional purposes without additional

All drums (singers) will be judged on the following:
1.Overall sound of group.
2.Overall appearance of group.
3.Appropriateness of song.
4.Clarity of leads.
5.Drum cleanliness.
Competition Rules
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